MAY 5th

AMOCA, Pomona, CA

AMOCA stands for American Museum of Ceramic Art and it is located in the Southern California town of Pomona. The ceramics studio adjoins the museum. Be sure to visit while you are there.

This is a one-day event. A lot of information in one action-packed day. You will learn to "build" a full torso figure using my method of working with paper clay slabs. A strong emphasis will be given to the storytelling aspect of sculpture with a focus on heads and hands. Come prepared to work hard and break a few rules as we discover what paper clay can do.


JULY 6, 7 & 8


In the heart of Sonoma County Wine Country, sleepy little Healdsburg has emerged as a world-class food, wine and art mecca. The art center is a primary force for the arts with a gallery and teaching facility.

This is a 2-day workshop with a fee demo offered on  the evening of July 6th. The demo is open to the community. We will create a free-standing torso figure using my unique method of building with paper clay slabs. Special attention will be paid to possible emotions as they are revealed by the face and hands. I also want to explore the addition of a muse in animal form which will be added to be a part of the sculpture. What form would your muse take?

OCTOBER 5, 6 & 7


Located in the red rock country of central Arizona, Sedona has long been a premier art destination with a broad selection of galleries. In support of this, the arts center has brought teachers and students from all over the world to this special place to learn and share knowledge.

This is a 2-day workshop with a demo on the Friday night of the 5th. We will build two full torso figures using my method of paper clay slab building. The expressions of hands and faces will be explored. We will also cover the possibility of a personal "spirit" animal and incorporate it into the grouping.

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